Restaurant & Brewery

Our Beer, Our Pride!

Our Brewing Philosophy

Gotemba Kogen Beer uses only the finest traditional ingredients sourced both locally and imported to create
each of our full-bodied beer specialties. We use exclusively the freshest hops and malt along with clear spring
water from deep beneath nearby Mt. Fuji! This, along with the best yeast to produces an exquisitely delicious
beer. The Bavarian Beer Purity Law from the year 1516 is not just an ancient tradition for Gotemba Kogen Brewery, we view it as the foundation of our superb tradition of brewing since 1995.

Our Restaurants

Come enjoy our four restaurants extensive menus featuring international flavors and cuisines as well as local favorites. For steak and smoked ribs along with authentic pizzas, try the Grand Table. For a full variety try our Mugibatake buffet restaurant. From sushi, salads to traditional Thai cuisine, its got it all with 5 beers on tap, all included! For Asian fusion cuisine try the Lemon Grass or the Pao for a party!

Our Pride and Joy!

  • Pilsner

    This award winning beer is brewed with a traditional German style recipe with all natural ingredients. Straw in color with pleasant bitterness and aroma. It’s brewed with pure Mt. Fuji spring water in strict accordance to the purity laws of 1516!! This is our most popular beer, enjoy!

  • Schwarz

    Our Schwarz is brewed using roasted hops for a dark tanned head with a slightly sweet character. Easy drink-ability for a dark beer and winner of a gold metal at the JABC competition last year.

  • Weizen

    Weizen beer is brewed from more than 50% wheat malts and has a pleasant full body. Our recipe is reminiscent of the southern German style, slightly sweet with fruity vanilla flavors.

  • Weizenbok

    Weizenbock is brewed from more malt than normal Weizen. Please enjoy rich and sweet full-bodied aromas of banana and vanilla with the satisfaction provided from higher alcohol content.

  • Gotemba Koshihikari

    This delightful lager beer is brewed, in part, by using the local Gotemba Koshihikari rice grown right here in the Gotemba valley! Smooth, pleasant aromas with a crisp finish. This beer was a monthly specialty, but our customers liked it so much, we added it to the regular menu of beers!

  • Come Experience Excellence!