Hot Springs


Ringo-no-Yu is exclusive for the guest staying at Blueberry Lodge and Slow house
With its cozy and calm atmosphere, guests can enjoy the outdoor bath and the low-temperatured sauna. This hot spring water is the same the one as Chame-Yudono,,it is flowing directly from the source.
You will find Apple floating on the water…as the name suggests.
How about gazing the peaceful night sky? If you soak yourself deeply in the water, this water will enable to relax your body and mind….

Hours for guests

All the year round 16:00~23:00/6:00~9:00

  • Adults 500 Yen Children 300 Yen
  • Additional charge will be required for the guests, staying at Blue Berry Lodge and
    Slow House Villa without meals.
  • Little infants and toddlers with diapers are asked to avoid soaking in a bathtub.
  • We are not accepting guests with Tattoos using the Hot Springs.

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