Hot Springs


Get up early and immerse yourself in one of our four large outdoor hot spring baths and watch as the days first light kisses the top of beautiful Mt. Fuji towering overhead. Or, you might prefer to catch another beautiful sunset while the hot water and natural minerals caress you. With a total of 8 men’s and 9 ladies baths and 4 saunas to choose from, you’re sure to find the perfect combination to soothe, relax and refresh you.

Come and “ground yourself” with our fresh, clear and hot natural water from deep beneath Mt. Fuji. Your body will return to its natural positive (+) and negative (-) energy balance leaving you “neutral” and ready to tackle the office again! If you still feel a little tight, try one of the massage chairs or take advantage of the professional masseurs and sign up for a massage. We offer a wide variety of styles, courses and types to accommodate your needs and body type.


Hours for guests

All the year round 10:30am to 12:00pm (Last entrance at 11:00pm; 12:00pm close)
Closed from 9:00am to 10:30pm daily for cleaning.

  • Hotel Tokinosumika guests enjoy unlimited free access.
  • Resort guests staying at any of the other accommodations may enter for 1,000yen. (half price)
  • Purchase the hot springs day pass from the reception desk of the property you are registered at.
  • Visitors welcome and can purchase a hot springs day pass for 2,000yen.
  • Please use the safety deposit boxes on the ground floor in “Kira-kubo” for valuables.
  • Infants wearing diapers may only enter the baby bath provided.


【Aroma Treatment】
Treatments designed to soothe and relax you! All massages are done by hand and oils may be selected from the variety available to achieve the desired result wanted by each customer.

Body 4,000yen ~ 8,750yen
Head 3,750yen
Facial 2,980yen ~ 7,450yen
Body & Facial 6,700yen ~ 14,780


Body 2,100yen ~ 9,850yen
Foot 2,300yen ~ 5,750yen
Nuat phaen boran 3,700yen ~ 10,700yen
Korean body scrub 1,650yen ~ 12,900yen