Hot Springs


Get up early and immerse yourself in one of our four large outdoor hot spring baths and watch as the days first light kisses the top of beautiful Mt. Fuji towering overhead. Or, you might prefer to catch another beautiful sunset while the hot water and natural minerals caress you. With a total of 8 men’s and 9 ladies baths and 4 saunas to choose from, you’re sure to find the perfect combination to soothe, relax and refresh you.

Come and “ground yourself” with our fresh, clear and hot natural water from deep beneath Mt. Fuji. Your body will return to its natural positive (+) and negative (-) energy balance leaving you “neutral” and ready to tackle the office again! If you still feel a little tight, try one of the massage chairs or take advantage of the professional masseurs and sign up for a massage. We offer a wide variety of styles, courses and types to accommodate your needs and body type.
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This adults only hot spring (18+ only) is located between the Grand Hotel and the Blueberry Lodge and Slow House Villas, next to the “Chamen.” Traditional Japanese Restaurant. Check-in and receive your Yukata (Japanese Robe) that you can wear as you sample either the Onsen (Hot spring) or restaurant. With traditional architecture and perfectly manicured gardens you will feel the true spirit of old Japan with hints of a “Samurais’ retreat”. With in-door and out-door baths and saunas you can let your guard down and feel the natural tranquility engulf you.

Follow the wooden stairs up to the upper resting area and enjoy massage chairs, sleeping areas, Japanese chess; or perhaps you would like to just enjoy a fresh glass of draft beer with a good book! Whatever combination works for you, you’ll find it here! If you still feel a little tight try an on-site massage and loose that stress manually. A wide variety of styles and courses available to suit your individual needs.

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Ringo-no-Yu is exclusive for the guest staying at Blueberry Lodge and Slow house
With its cozy and calm atmosphere, guests can enjoy the outdoor bath and the low-temperatured sauna. This hot spring water is the same the one as Chame-Yudono,,it is flowing directly from the source.
You will find Apple floating on the water…as the name suggests.
How about gazing the peaceful night sky? If you soak yourself deeply in the water, this water will enable to relax your body and mind….
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Yuzu-no-Yu is exclusive for the guest staying at Gotemba Kogen Hotel and Hotel Brush Up.
Separated for Men and Women, each one consists of one bath tub.
We have renewed and enriched the Bath for Women, prepared Cypress Bath and Ceramic Bath.
There is a free relaxing space outside of the Changing Room.
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